I’m a former dispensationalist that has embraced the reformed understanding of scripture.  And I seek to tell my journey of the discovery of God’s word into a deeper and clearer understanding, especially for dispensationalists, so that they may have a better grasp of reformed theology.

As a former bible teacher of dispensationalism, I seek to bring clarity about dispensationalism’s doctrines as compared to reformed theology.

I pray that all may grasp my yearnings to know God more and more each day.

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God; When shall I come and appear before God?
                                                    ~ Psalm 42:2, NASB

From the Valley of Vision

The Spirit as Teacher

That which I know not, teach thou me,
Keep me a humble disciple in the school of Christ,
learning daily there what I am in myself,
a fallen sinful creature,
justly deserving everlasting destruction;
O let me never lose sight of my need of a Saviour,
or forget that apart from him I am nothing, and can do nothing.
Open my understanding to know the Holy Scriptures;
Reveal to my soul the counsels and works of the blessed Trinity;
Instil into my dark mind the saving knowledge of Jesus;
Make me acquainted with his covenant undertakings
and his perfect fulfilment of them,
that by resting on his finished work
I may find the Father’s love in the Son,
his Father, my Father,
and may be brought through thy influence
to have fellowship with the Three in One.
O lead me into all truth, thou Spirit of wisdom and revelation,
that I may know the things that belong unto my peace,
and through thee be made anew.
Make practical upon my heart the Father’s love
as thou hast revealed it in the Scriptures;
Apply to my soul the blood of Christ, effectually, continually,
and help me to believe, with conscience comforted,
that it cleanseth from all sin;
Lead me from faith to faith,
that I may at all times have freedom to come to a reconciled Father,
and may be able to maintain peace with him
against doubts, fears, corruptions, temptations.
Thy office is to teach me to draw near to Christ with a pure heart,
steadfastly persuaded of his love,
in the full assurance of faith.
Let me never falter in this way.